Our story began in 2015. In fact, it was a transformation: Ioiô Filmes, founded by Simoni de Mendonça, underwent a renovation and gave way to Intro Pictures. In this process, Simoni continued as executive director and the company gained two new partners. Lucas Vivo, partner of the Argentine production company Navajo Films, arrived to assume the artistic direction. Meanwhile, Brazilian businessman Guilherme Campos became responsible for the administrative area. Intro was created with the objective of producing, mainly, dramaturgy for TV and streaming platforms. Many of his productions earned him awards in Brazil and abroad.
Production for the Infinto channel and broadcast throughout Latin America . The series “Base Aliada”, “Cozinha Prática” (Rita Lobo) and “Descontroladas”, for the GNT channel. We also produced the series “GPS”, with a Puerto Rican chef and international model Talytha Pugliese, in co-production with the Glitz channel, and the documentary series “Exedição Xingu” and “O Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar” for TV Globo. Among your most recent productions are the third season of the series “Que Talento” in 2015, the fiction series “Pacto de Sangue”, produced in 2016 for the Space channel, the series “Brasil Folclore” produced in 2016 for CineBrasilTV and the gastronomic series “Receitas em série” produced in 2017 for the Sony channel. The series Insânia will be released soon, produced for Star +, which has Carol Castro as the protagonist.